Gerhard Banik / Irene Brückle: Paper and Water: A Guide for Conservators

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Gerhard Banik / Irene Brückle: Paper and Water: A Guide for Conservators.

This is the first compendium for conservation professionals involved in the preservation of paper artifacts in archives, libraries and fine art museums around the world. The global team of expert authors explain the principal interactions between paper and water, a topic of primary importance for every conservator working with paper artifacts and other cellulose-based materials. The work integrates knowledge from the different disciplines of paper engineering, conservation science and conservation practice, and will serve as a textbook in a rapidly expanding profession that has virtually no customized education literature.

Water is present when paper is made. It contributes to its deterioration and serves many essential functions when deteriorated paper is treated by conservators. Drawing on paper industry and science research, Paper and Water examines the relationship between paper and water. Throughout the book, theoretical information concerning basic principles that underlie the interaction of paper and water is presented in close association with practical information that informs the reader about mechanisms that govern conservation procedures.

2010, 544 Seiten, zahlreiche Farbabbildungen + DVD. Gebunden.

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