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Gamblin is a particularly dedicated manufacturer of high-quality colors that are ideal for restoring.

Since its founding in 1980, the Portland, Oregon, the company has earned an excellent reputation among restorers, museums and artists around the world. Gamblin produces colors not just as they used to be, but as they should be for a variety of restorative needs. Gamblin’s experiences and the dialogue with restorers and museums formed the Conservation Colors range: fully saturated colors, soluble in solvents with low polarity, extremely lightfast, excellent reversibility, none-yellowing, and first-class processing characteristics distinguish these colors.

Specialized products such as “Extender White,” and colors for different epochs simplify the retouching in the restoration.

Professionals appreciate the high-quality standard of Gamblin Conservation Colors - and the works of great artists from different eras have been restored using Conservation Colors.

Gamblin preservative colours at Deffner & Johann – a successful collaboration

History and production of the colors

In the experts-to-experts talk between Robert Gamblin (founder of Gamblin Artists Colors and Gamblin Conservation Colors, Portland, USA) and Laura Resenberg (Diplom-Restauratorin Univ., head of the conservation department at the Collection and Research Centre in Hall/Innsbruck), you will gain in-depth insights into the history of the development of Gamblin Conservation Colors. You will also learn about the properties that characterise these colours and what makes them so special for use in conservation:

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