Hiromi Japanese Paper - Sekishu Extra Thick (roll, 5 m)

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For over 25 years, Hiromi Paper Inc. have been supplying bookbinders, conservators, graphic designers and artists with excellent papers. Katyama Hiromi’s personal contact and continous exchange with the traditional paper mills of Japan makes it possible to offer a large variety of outstanding quality papers.

Hiromi are offering a wide range of paper: several different natural coloured, bleached or dyed hues, very light or heavy grammages, in sheets or on a roll. Natural hues, which are often found with aged paper, are especially suited for restoring historic documents, books or fabrics. Dyed papers, available in organic blue, green, red or brown hues, can be matched to darker coloured backgrounds.

Japanese Paper is used for closing tears or supplementing missing pieces, for securing and facings of paintings on canvas or walls. Dyed thin papers can provide nearly invisible stabilization, simpler less expensive paper may be used for stabilizing wall decorations. Extra thin 2 g paper can be applied to documents, even over letterings and pictures. The long fibres of Japanese paper combine low weight and stability, keeping the character of the original intact. Medium grammages are typically applied to the back of documents for closing tears, heavy grammages up to 70 g can be used for making inlays and supplements.

Japanese paper on rolls makes one-piece laminations of large formats, such as placards, possible. A large number of different surface structures, from smooth to coarse or fluffy,is available. Japanese Paper, cut or torn with a water brush, offers many possible applications in restoration and conservation or decoration.

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