Nanorestore Gel® MWR Dry Gel

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Nanorestore Gel® Dry are water-based chemical gels, which leave no residues on the surface of the treated artifacts. Thanks to their highly retentive network they can be used also on water-sensitive surfaces because their action is limited to the interface, thus only a small amount of liquid is released to the surface. Nanorestore Gel® Dry are sold loaded with water, but they can be also loaded with polar solvents (such as ethanol) or water-based nanostructured fluids of the Nanorestore Cleaning® series.

Nanorestore Gel® Medium Water Retention - MWR Transparent chemical hydrogel based on a pHEMA/PVP semiinterpenetrated network having very high retention of loaded liquid. Can be safely used on particularly water-sensitive substrates. Each package contains a water-loaded sheet (approx. 10 cm x 15 cm x 2 mm), which can be reused up to 5 times, depending on the specific case.

They are used as vehicle (containers) for the liquid cleaning agent. Nanorestore Gels® Dry can remove grime, dirt and/or aged varnishes by solubilization or swelling/detachment of unwanted material. They prevent the cleaning agent from fast evaporation and uncontrolled penetration into porous materials making the cleaning safer. Moreover, thanks to their formulation they do not leave residues on the treated surfaces.

OK to be used for

  • Removal of hydrosoluble dirt, grime or dust from canvas paintings.
  • Removal of hydrosoluble dirt, grime or dust from paper (pay attention to the presence of hydrosoluble inks or pigments).
  • Removal of hydrosoluble dirt, grime or dust from paintings on wood.
  • Removal of hydrosoluble dirt, grime or dust from parchment or leather.
  • Removal of aged varnishes from canvas paintings (in this case Nanorestore Gels® Dry need to be loaded with solvents or Nanorestore Cleaning® formulations).
  • Removal of (aged) adhesives or polymeric coatings from paper or other water-sensitive materials.
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