Opus Standard LED Multi-Purpose Daylight Luminaire

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With 6,000 lm and long-life high-performance daylight LEDs, the Deffner & Johann OPUS Standard LED offers optimum lighting conditions, for medium sized work areas in restoration, preservation of historical monuments and the depot.

The opal synthetic glass with diffuser provides soft and balanced illumination.

New features:
The new Opus Standard LED offers increased light output and improved daylight colour temperature. In addition, the new version is shipped with a further rear-mounted socket (now 2 in total) and a power switch located directly on the device.


The two rear-mounted sockets increase the flexibility of the Opus Standard LED and allow the connection of further power tools. High durability PUR cable (signal yellow) for increased safety in-situ.

  • LED: 60 W
  • Farbtemperatur / Colour Temp.: 5000 K
  • Abstrahlwinkel / Emission Angle: 120°
  • Lichtstrom / Luminosity: 6000 lm
  • CRI: 90 Gewicht / Weight: 3 kg
  • Maße / Dimensions: 445 x 285 x 150 mm
  • Kabellänge / Length of power cord: 5 m

Exclusive Deffner & Johann Edition with fine-tuned daylight LED technology, neutral grey with signal yellow power cord.
Opus daylight LEDs made in Germany are durable, easy to handle and offer powerful, large area illumination with excellent colour reproduction for working on walls, ceilings or large objects. The casings are shock-resistant, splash- and dust-proof. With additional electrical sockets for the connection of further work equipment.

More Information
Color Temperature 5000 K
CRI 90
LED 60 W
Light Flux 6000 lm
Emission angle 120°
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