Ottosson Linseed Oil Paint Gold Ochre, 3 l

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UN-Number: UN 3082 KL. 9 VG III

NCS-Nr: 4144-Y27R

Traditional paint from cold-pressed Ottosson linseed oil and high-quality pigments. For wood, metal and plaster.
This paint has extraordinary coverage and very good aging properties, making it very economical.

Ottosson Linseed Oil Paint only contains boiled linseed oil and traditional pigments. It adheres to virtually any substrate, including wood, plaster, stone and iron.

The linseed oil for Ottosson paints is exclusively made from flax (linum usitatissimum) grown in southern Sweden. Close collaboration with the local producers ensures a consistent high quality linseed oil without any additives. Pressing the oil from the linseed without heating renders a smaller yield, but results in a cleaner and clearer product.

The raw oil has a surface tension lower than water and can penetrate deeper than water. This means it prevents wood from rotting, plaster from crumbling and iron from rusting. It’s true to say linseed oil helps to preserve the substrate on which it is painted. Ottosson Raw Linseed Oil is therefore recommended as a primer for exterior wood surfaces or thinner for the first coat of paint. This oil is also used for Ottosson Artist’s Colours.

The raw linseed oil dries relatively slowly and in the old days, the oil was heated to shorten the drying time. In the boiling process Ottosson use, the oil is heated to approximately 140 °C and in order to make it more reactive, oxygen and metal salts are added. Boiled linseed oil is a little thicker than raw oil, dries faster and has outstanding adhesion and penetration abilities. It is used as binder in Ottosson Linseed Oil Paints.

Ottosson also refine the raw linseed oil by using a very old method in which the oil is subject to sunlight and oxygen outdoors for several months. In this process, the oil oxidizes, thickens and is bleached by the sunlight. This oil type is called sun thickened linseed oil and it can be added to the final coat of paint in order to enhance shine, fluidity, drying time and durability.

Ottosson have researched and rediscovered centuries-old, proven methods of paint production. Made in a traditional manufacturing process, Ottosson Linseed Oil Paint has a genuine historical reference and has found broad acceptance in conservation and restoration today.

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Ottosson Linseed Oil Paint is available in 125 ml, 1 l, 3 l or 5 l containers.

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