Polyvinyl Acetate PVAC50 (Granules), 1 kg

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Weight: 1.0000 kg
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Film former for paints, adhesives and glazes.

  • Soluble in ethyl alcohol, ketone, acetate and petroleum ether
  • High flexibility and adhesive strength
  • Suitable for stabilizing wood and soft resin

As the numerical value of the PVAC increases, the degree of polymerisation increases and so does the viscosity of the solution and the durability and tear strength of the film. A low viscosity allows better penetration into the pores, which also results in higher adhesive strength.

PVAC 20: better adhesive strength / lower tear strength of the film
PVAC 30: medium tack / medium tear strength of the film
PVAC 50: lower adhesive strength / better tear strength of the film

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