Schmincke HORADAM® AQUARELL, Ivory Black, half pan

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Ivory Black, ***** highest lightfastness.
Very deep black. Formerly made from carbonized ivory, nowadays produced by dry destillation of degreased bones. Small quantities of calciumphosphate add slightly grey-bluish tone. Often used for dark tones and colour turbidity.

Quality pigment in the highest possible concentration, perfect control of paint flow and reusable when dried on the palette.
Our range of Horadam® watercolours consists of 110 lightfast colours and is excellent for retouching work.
The pigments have been researched and tested to comply with the highest quality standard regarding stability, fineness, resolubility and lightfastness.
The lightfastness is an objective characteristic, which depends not only on the pigment itself, but also on the complete formula.
Therefore Schmincke does not only use the lightfastness given by the pigment itself but makes tests of the complete formula of each shade in the fast Xenontest and/or on the roof of the Schmincke factory for a prolonged period.

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