Silicate Crayons / Chalk Single Stick, decorative & painting, Set in wooden box

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System Bohring / Patent 2000.

Weather-proof, lightfast, mineral system with a pastel character.

Complete set of 28 color bars, 3 x 1 liter of silicate-chalk-fixative in a wooden box.

A weather-proof painting technique, similar to pastel. Developed by restoration specialist Lothar Bohring specifically for use on mineral, anorganic surfaces, such as lime plaster, concrete, stone, non-enameled terracotta, etched or media blasted glass etc. Also suitable, of course, for use on wood, paper or any other abrasive material. For fixation, use Silikat-Kreiden FIXATIV (based on potassium silicate) on mineral surfaces and Silikat-Kreiden UNIFIX (acrylic-based) on non-mineral surfaces.

Silicate Chalks differ from all chalks in that pigments, binders and fixatives are of pure, inorganic mineral. Light-fast pigments, binder and the fixative medium (potassium silicate) underpin the weather resistance of this relatively new technique (patent 1996).

Silicate Chalks allow new, previously unknown design possibilities.

For example: linear drawing, flat thinned colour and smudging using akapad sponge, or wet with a sponge and brushed into the work.

Until it has been fixed, the colour layer may still be re-worked or removed.

For more information: Guidelines included in the wooden boxed set, or on request when ordering individual sticks. Stick size: 10.5 x 2.7 x 1.8 cm.

Note: As a result of the reproduction processes, some of the colour tones illustrated may appear somewhat weaker than the colours of the actual sticks.

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