Soft Particle Blasting

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Soft Particle Blasting is a method for gentle cleaning of paper, parchment or other surfaces.

It is successful in overcoming the problems raised by traditional dry cleaning methods: The contamination of of historical documents and objects with plasticizers and sulfur compounds and the grinding or polishing effect caused by rubbing the surface.The media used for blasting, Arbocel®, micro-cristalline cellulose and wheat starch, are safe to use. In practice, blasting intensity can be easily tuned to the stability of the object and is controlled by adjusting air pressure, working distance and angle.

Our Resko Airblaster handles soft particle blasting media perfectly well, a Fuchs extraction unit and cabinet prevent dust formation. Soft Particle Blasting produces excellent results, is economical and therefore also suitable for mass processing.

Deffner & Johann offers matching components and all suitable blasting media. We will be pleased to assist you.

Have a look at: Soft Particle Blasting - setup and implementing:

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