Speedheater® Board Scraper

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High-quality scraper for efficient paint removal of heated paint on all flat surfaces, from baseboards to exterior panelling.
The scraper features an ergonomically designed handle that makes paint removal even easier for you.
The blade is made of special steel for long durability. The backside of the blade can be sharpened, which also preserves the blade’s unique profiles on its front.

The fastest method for paint, putty and varnish removal.

The Speedheater® method removes paint with little effort, which gives you better and longer lasting results. Do your window restoration quickly, simply and safe with a Speedheater®. Remove paint and putty without breaking the glass. We have a solution for every need.

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  • Efficient: dissolves all layers of paint at once
  • Rational: softens old putty at the same time
  • Effortless: simply scrape off paint and putty – quickly, quietly and dust-free
  • Gentle on surfaces: no loss of substance as no sanding or sandblasting is necessary
  • Side effect: fights mould and fungus through heat
  • Low working temperature: energy-saving, reduced risk of accidents. The workpiece does not warp or scorch.
  • Occupational safety: no lead vapours, as the working temperature is a maximum of 175 °C
  • Further processing: optimum wood moisture content of only 5 to 8 %, smooth surface. Workpiece can be primed immediately without sanding.

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