Temart Multiplate - Frame Mounted Hanging System, 1 Set

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Multifunctional frame mounted hanging system. Temart Multiplate combines the functionality of several successful Temart products into one innovative, frame mounted hanging system.

  • Dimensions Multiplate: 40 x 17 x 6 mm
  • Loop external: 34 x 25 x 3 mm
  • Loop internal: 28 x 19 mm
  • Dimensions eyebolt: 2,4 x 1,5 mm
  • Dimensions depot hook: 70 x 3,3 mm
  • Screw holes for frame mounting: Ø = 4 mm
  • Max. load capacity of one hanging system: 20 kg

Package content set:
2 x Multiplate with loop
2 x eyebolt, firmly welded
2 x depot hook, unikal formed, galvanized


Multifunctional frame mounted hanging system. The forerunner for Multiplate is Temart Frameplate M5. The addition of a welded loop behind the massive steel corpus offers a secure bond which reverses the disadvantage of D- and -V shaped loops commonly used in wall mounting of framed art. The loop also makes it easier to hang pictures fast by removing the need of precision in horizontal measuring. Finally, the friction of the loop enables to position the loop at a straight angle to the frame for the technicians to use both hands for lifting and stabilizing the painting.

The Set of Multiplate-Black includes the standard Temart eyebolt. Easily recognizable thru the welding, which makes it impossible to break from the wall hook. Temart depot hooks.

The Multiplate is entirely made of strong industrial steel. Dark electric galvanization gives a heavy rust- and abrasion protection and less visibility.

Multiplate hanging system is designed for the recommended two-point mounting technique for wall mounting. The system is compatible with mounting on hooks as well on wire. In combination with Temart T-Hang and FlexHang is the option of mechanical securing to the wall possible.


  • Temart loop allows horizontal adjustments of 15 mm
  • The loop can temporarily be placed in any position from 0 to 180 degree
  • Hanging on wall hooks
  • Hanging with wire systems
  • Hanging on storage screens with dedicated storage hook (H-hook)
  • Dark, matt finish for less visibility
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