Wood Fired Lime Putty (Altmannsteiner Lime Putty), 19 liter bucket

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19 liter bucket = 24 kg.

Lime putty from wood-fired kilns. Pure mineral binders for lime plasters, lime-based coatings and self production of lime washes. Pure lime, without the addition of synthetic resin dispersions or dispersing agents.

Base price 20 months (incl. bucket): € 28,90.
Add 38 cents per per month maturing time.
Example calculation: A bucket of lime putty, matured 30 months, costs (base price 20 months) € 28,90 + 10 months at € 0,38/month (€ 3,80). Total Price is € 32,70.

Lime putty from wood-fired kilns. Altmannstein is "the" lime putty brand with tradition! It has been employed for many years by plasterers and conservators in heritage conservation. Our lime is prepared according to ancient tradition and stored in the pit for at least 12 months: from the experience of the manufacturer, a younger lime would be of poorer quality and not to be recommended. For interior paints you can use lime putty over 12 months old. For exterior painting, we recommend a longer matured lime.

Altmannsteiner lime putty is supplied in a handy 19 litre bucket (= 24 kg). This sturdy bucket with tight fitting lid is only available from us. It offers many advantages, including:

  • improved handling over pail or drum,
  • easy transport to construction sites,
  • low freight costs.


Mixing ratio is 1 : 3 (1 part lime to 3 parts water or more).
One can mix 1 : 3  whitewash with small amounts of linseed oil (10 l lime to 2 - 3 tablespoons boiled linseed oil) or low fat quark (at 10 l lime putty to 500 g low-fat quark).
Consumption: Approximately 10 l lime putty for 50 m2 in 2 - 3 coats.

Lime plaster:
Mix ratio is 1 : 4 (1 part lime putty to 4 parts sand).
Consumption for 1 cm thick coat: 100 m2 = 1 m3 Lime mortar= 200 kg Lime putty.
Consumption for 2 cm thick lime plaster: 100 m2 = 2 m3 mortar = 400 kg lime putty.

For more information, please request the data sheet on lime putty.

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