BEVA® 371 Film thick (65 my)

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Dry, solvent-free heat-seal adhiesive film for canvas or polyester.

Width 685 mm.

BEVA® Film 371 has been specially developed for the production of thin adhesive layers as required for the conservation of works of art on paper and for canvas doubling.

The film is supplied as a roll with a width of 685 mm between a layer of silicone paper and hostaphan film and can be cut individually into pieces.

BEVA® film does not stick until activated with heat. The sealing temperature is 62 - 65 °C. Heating can be done with an iron or a hot air blower.

BEVA 371 Film is solvent-free. No hazardous fumes are generated during application. BEVA® Film 371 can be removed from absorbent surfaces by hexane or acetone, provided these solvents cannot damage the artwork. These solvents do not dissolve the adhesive, but only cause the adhesive to swell, so care should be taken not to contaminate the absorbent material.

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