Back in our range – Wood-Burned Lime Putty

Back in our range – Wood-Burned Lime Putty

We are pleased to be able of offering Wood-Burned Lime Putty again. It is particularly important to us that the lime is produced according to traditional methods and in resource-conserving ways.
Our experienced and very reliable lime burner with his kilns and lime deposits near the Baltic Sea supplies us with two special qualities.

A Wood-Burned Lime that has been stored for approx. 30 months. It is very suitable for lime painting, limewashing and the production of mortars. It has excellent coverage and a traditionally pure colour tone.
We offer 25 kg, 12.5 kg and 5 kg buckets, which are easier to move around the construction site and scaffolding.

In addition, we have added an absolute rarity to our range. This very special, Premium Lime Putty has been soaked for 96 months. Therefore, it has a wonderful semi-solid, smooth consistency. Selected layers of stone were quarried for it. As a result, it gets its extraordinarily pure, brilliant white colour. This lime can be used excellently for high-quality paints, fresco and historical techniques.
Available in 5 kg and 25 kg units.

Our Lime Putty can be found here in the Deffner & Johann webshop:

Wood-Burned Lime Putty

Wood-Burned Lime Putty, Premium

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July 31, 2022
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