Deffner & Johann on Tour: Nanorestore®-Workshop in Tallinn, Estonia

Deffner & Johann on Tour: Nanorestore®-Workshop in Tallinn, Estonia
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Nanorestore Workshop, Tallinn_Deffner Johann_EKA__1The Department of Cultural Heritage and Conservation of the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA for short) organized a Nanorestore® workshop in cooperation with Deffner & Johann GmbH from December 12 - 14, led by Yngve Magnusson (Dipl. Rest. Univ.).

Yngve Magnusson, Dipl. Rest. Univ. - Restorer of panel painting at the Museum Lillehammer, Norway
Dr. Michele Baglioni, PhD - Scientist in the Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Pharmacy and CSGI at the University of Siena, Italy
Dr. Giovanna Poggi, PhD - Scientist in the Department of Chemistry and CSGI at the University of Florence, Italy 


The aim of the workshop with participants from Estonia, Latvia and Georgia was to introduce restoration professionals as well as students to the safe application of nanotechnology, still relatively unexplored in wide circles, but extremely effective especially for surface cleaning.

In order to best map the requirements of everyday restoration work, a wide selection of mockups, material and cleaning samples such as objects made of textiles, paper, wood as well as objects with porous and gilded surfaces were prepared in advance of the workshop.

The products used in the workshop resulted from the following three funded projects:

  • Horizon 2020 (funding from the EU Research and Innovation funding program 2014 - 2020)
  • Nano-for-Art (developing and testing new nanomaterials and responsive systems for the conservation and preservation of movable and immovable works of art) sowie
  • Nanorestart (focusing on the synthesis of novel poly-functional nanomaterials and on the development of highly innovative conservation techniques for the preservation of a wide range of materials. 2014 - 2020)


TNanorestore Workshop, Tallinn_2he workshop consisted of a theoretical as well as a practical part to provide a comprehensive overview and gain valuable experience with the materials that were presented over the course of the three days.

The presentations on Monday morning were open to the public.
The theoretical introduction of the workshop was given by Dr. Michele Baglioni (University of Siena) and Dr. Giovanna Poggi (University of Florence); both senior scientists from the research and development team of the Nanorestore® product series and long-time experts in production and development.

The practical part, which was divided into three groups, was attended by around 40 participants from museums, universities and institutes as well as conservators. Each individual was given a comprehensive opportunity to experience the possibilities, but also the limitations, of using Nanorestore® for surface cleaning.

Yngve Magnusson, who has been using Nanorestore® in restoration practice for many years and has developed processing guidelines for the products, conducted the application tests with great expertise and in-depth knowledge, giving each participant valuable tips on how to reliably use nanotechnology for various materials in restoration and conservation.

At the end of the three intensive days, all participants confirmed the quality and high practical relevance of the workshop format.



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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Nanorestore® product range.



Impressions from the workshop

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