European Restoration Paper - Handmade

European Restoration Paper - Handmade
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Searching for a high quality European handmade restoration paper, we found what we were looking for. With this blog post, we would like to introduce you to a special paper that we have recently added to our product range.

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Our premium paper is still handmade according to traditional methods and consists of cotton (75 %) and flax fibers (25 %) with an authentic, four sided deckle edge. Both historical and modern scoop screens are used to give the paper its characteristic structure (vergé/classically ribbed, velin/woven). Due to the manufacturing process, the paper doesn't have a specific running direction. The papers are dyed with the finest earth pigments, which makes them very lightfast. Due to reliable production according to recipe, the color shades can be offered reproducibly.

In addition, of course, there is the experience, knowledge and skill of the papermaker. By combining certain fibres and the degree of grinding of the raw materials, the papermaker decides what the paper will later be best suited for.

Deffner & Johann has selected seven different shades in various structures and grammages based on historical papers. Due to their color, the handmade papers are excellent for restoration purposes as well as all classic and modern printing processes. The handmade paper is produced acid free, fully glued internally and thus ink resistant.

The sheets (50 x 70 cm), available in seven different shades in grammages of 60 g/m² and 80 g/m², vergé and velin, can be found → here in the Deffner & Johann webshop.

May 30, 2022
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