Exceptional brush series "Meisterklasse Edition Harald Johann"

Meisterklasse Edition Harald Johann
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In 1957, Harald Johann joined Carl Deffner’s company as an apprentice. The company, founded in 1880, supplied high-quality tools and materials to painters, gilders, stuccoers, and restorers.

Sonderserie Meisterklasse Edition Harald Johann_TraditionHarald Johann discovered his passion for brushes and paintbrushes here. As early as during his apprenticeship years, he was intensively studying quality characteristics and processing differences. Over the years, Harald Johann travelled the brush manufacturers in Germany, gained excellent knowledge of hair and bristle types, production types and processing qualities and, last but not least, maintained the best contacts with the leading manufacturers.

After taking over the company from Carl Deffner and changing its name to Deffner & Johann GmbH, Harald Johann systematically expanded the product range, developed new, innovative products with restorers and universities, and made Deffner & Johann the leading specialist dealer for conservation supplies.

His enthusiasm for high-quality brushes has accompanied Harald Johann throughout his entire professional life. He developed numerous brush series for retouching and surface cleaning, put together high-quality tool sets for painter school classes and was one of the first suppliers to recognise the potential of synthetic fibres as an alternative to animal hair.

On the occasion of the 80th birthday of the long-time owner and managing director, Deffner & Johann is launching an exceptional brush series: "Meisterklasse Edition Harald Johann" – pure, selected Kolinsky sable of the highest quality, a perfect tip, the seamless gold ferrule and the black lacquered handle in a traditional shape are the distinguishing features of this edition. Each individual piece is handcrafted by an experienced master brush maker from the region.

The Meisterklasse Edition Harald Johann symbolises 45 years of passion for high-quality brushes - handmade in Germany.

Sonderserie Meisterklasse Edition Harald Johann

September 20, 2021
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