Gold – shiny and valuable

Gold – shiny and valuable

Vergoldung_Blattgold_deffner und johannGilding is a centuries-old craft tradition. The plating of readily available materials suitable for everyday use with a layer of gold has been valued since ancient times. It is therefore no surprise that gold is not only one of the first metals to be processed by humans, but has also been a product of the first hour in the D&J range since 1880. For decades, we have distributing gold leaf from one of Germany's oldest gold beaters.

With the development of new materials and surface treatment options, Deffner & Johann has now added metal effect lacquers, waxes and colours from leading manufacturers such as Lefranc & Bourgeois, Lascaux and Eckart to its wide range of products in addition to real gold products such as gold leaf, powder gold lacquer and fine gold lacquer.

Alternatives to real gold products

Gold effects can also be achieved using gold coatings, which are much easier to apply than gold leaf.
Given that gilding with gold leaf is often too expensive and not always within the project budget, gold coatings can be a good alternative to gold leaf.

Depending on the context in which gilding takes place and is presented, the gold coating is comparable to real gilding, especially as pastes and varnishes are also polished to a high gloss and can therefore imitate real gilding well. In addition, gold lacquers or metallic lustre lacquers are always easier to work with.

The question arises as to whether alternatives to real gold products at least contain real gold pigments that can provide the desired gold sheen in bronze powder or in metal effect pigments?
Products such as powdered gold and silver, shell gold or powdered gold lacquers contain real gold pigments that are embedded in high-quality synthetic resin lacquer or gum arabic – unlike, for example, Iriodin pearlescent pigments, liquid gold and gilding wax or metal pastes that imitate the effect of gold or silver using metal bronzes.

Eckart's Gold Lacquer offers a wide range of application options – the paint is suitable for long-lasting, durable rust protection with a decorative effect. It can be applied directly to rust after removing loose particles. In addition to bare and already rusting or rusted ferrous metals, Eckart recommends its alkyd resin-based metal protection paint for non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, brass and copper as well as for wood and rigid PVC.
The containers and prices for the various gold coating options vary accordingly. When calculating projects with gold coatings, it always makes sense to check the current prices in the D&J shop, as gold and metal prices are subject to constant fluctuation on the market.

Vergoldung_Handwerk_deffner und johannSpecial Glamour

Although there are recommendable alternatives to real gold products, real gilding cannot be completely replaced by gold plating. Gilding work is often a synthesis of gilding craftsmanship and the art of painting. Material authenticity and historical reference are therefore always decisive factors in product selection.
It is up to the gilder, church painter or restorer to weigh up the specific suitability and cost-benefit considerations.
Gold lacquers, paints and waxes expand the possibilities for gilding work – the lustre of pure gold is nevertheless unmistakable: no other metal shimmers in a comparable yellowish tone.

Gold – one of the first products in the Deffner and Johann range. In the → D&J Onlineshop shop you will still find selected materials and tools for a wide range of gilding techniques. We offer the right material for every application.

December 17, 2023
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