Burnishing ground powder oxide red 150 g

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2 - 3 days
Weight: 0.1700 kg
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Now there is available a burnishing ground in powder form for time saving, high lustre gilding.

Preparation: Mix by weight 1 part distilled water to 1 part powder (e.g. 10 g of distilled water to 10 g of powder). The burnishing ground is ready to use and no glue is required.

The advantage of this burnishing ground is that only the exact amount required need be prepared. Special gold size (order No:3307050) is to be used exclusively for application of gold leaf. After application of gold leaf the item must be allowed to dry thoroughly (about 2-3 hours). The surface can then be polished to a mirror finish with an agate burnisher. Should an attempt be made too early to polish the gold leaf when the area is still too damp, it can tear. In such cases, the burnishing should be stopped immediately.

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