Dark lemon gold 20 ct, 25 leaves, 80 mm, transfer

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20 carat. 1 book = 25 leaves of 80 x 80 mm.

Gold Leaf - Traditionally manufactured for high quality gilding, from one of the oldest goldbeaters.

Note: The term gold leaf "loose" means that gilding with gilder’s cushion, knife and brush is intended (traditional gilding). "Transfer Gold" (sometimes called patent leaf) is specially suited to exterior gilding. Each individual gold leaf is pressed onto a thin tissue paper, which is removed after the application of the gold leaf.

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Attention: All prices are subject to variation. Gold prices fluctuate subject to the gold market price, which is set daily on the exchange.

All gold and silver leaf prices are inclusive of the raw gold surcharge. You are welcome to ask after the proportion of pure gold.

Please note when ordering, the different item numbers for "loose" or "transfer" types.

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