Gilding Set "Masterclass"

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10-piece basic set of materials and tools for gilding. This assortment contains all the essential products you need for your gilding training.

High-quality tools are an important component in the sound teaching of craft techniques. Technical schools with a demanding and practice-relevant education attach great importance to quality tools.

For many decades, Deffner & Johann has been supplying technical schools, master classes and universities with tool assortments that accompany pupils, students and graduates beyond their training and into their everyday professional lives.


  • Spezial-Polier-Altgold dunkel 22 1/2 kt, 25 Blatt, 80 mm, transfer
  • Spezial-Polier-Altgold dunkel 22 1/2 kt, 25 Blatt, 80 mm, lose
  • Anschießer für Blattgold, reines blaues Fehhaar, Gr. 2,5"
  • Vergolderkissen Kalbsleder, 15 x 22 cm
  • Profi-Vergoldermesser, Klingengröße 170 x 20 mm
  • Vergolderpinsel, Fehhaarmischung, Gr. 8
  • Original Mixtion Lefranc Anlegeöl, 3 Std., bleifrei, 75 ml
  • Tiziano-Plakatschreiber flach, Gr. 1/2"
  • Baumwollhandschuhe weiß, groß
  • Praktische Holzkassette (leer), 35 x 17,5 x 9 cm
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