Gregomatic® Extension Hose, 6 m

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Ø 38 mm (suction hose) and Ø 6 mm (pressure hose) with connections, couplings, barbed fittings and quick-release coupling with kink protection.

The hoses can be extended several times. Working with the Gregomatic® cleaning system over a distance of up to 80 m horizontally or up to 20 m vertically is thus possible without any significant pressure drop.

This unique Vacuum-Washing System comes into play where traditional cleaning systems reach their limits. In a structure-deep, gentle and eco-friendly way, it cleans smooth structured surfaces such as stone, walls, wood or stucco. Water,sprayed on and vacuum-swirled, binds and washes the pollution out of the surface, up to 10 mm deep. Gregomatic machines are also suitable for effective cleaning and neutralising chemically stripped surfaces.

Because the dirty water is sucked at the same time,hardly any residual moisture remains, making overhead-work without dripping possible. In addition, the closed circuit with separated clean and dirty water tanks, ensures the proper disposal of contaminated waste water.

The Gregomatic Vacuum-Washing System provides structure-deep, value preserving, economic and efficient cleaning on site or in the studio.

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