Lascaux Artists Brush, round

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Round, and large sizes (from size 28 to 40).

Brushes with synthetic hair fibre have proven themselves over many years, not only because of their tolerance to acrylic media, but also because of their good abrasion resistance and durability.


In the past, bristle was considered too hard and synthetic fibre too soft. Thus producing unsatisfactory results in terms of feel, and colour control.

After many efforts and experiments, we have been able to find a special fibre blend that meets the requirements previously fulfilled only by bristle and natural fibres.

Lascaux Artists' brushes have excellent dimensional stability, flexibility and abrasion resistance, have good colour uptake and release, and are equally suitable for acrylic, gouache and oil painting.

Black matte, waterproof lacquered, long handles with nickel ferrules, trimmed with dark brown Interlon-fibre blend, medium length, handle length approximately 30 cm.

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Material - Brushes Synthetik Fibres
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