Lead White (Kremser White), contains lead, toxic, lightfast

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UN-Number: UN 3077 Kl. 9, VG III
CAS-Number: 1319-46-6
H360D, H360f, H302, H332, H373, H400, H410
Please note this product requires German Chemical Prohibition Ordiance

LE 7 - 8, colour variations are possible.

2PbCO3 * Pb(OH)2

2PbCO3 * Pb(OH)2

Suitable for use with oil, acrylic, tempera, watercolour and gouache.

Sale of dangerous substances and preparations according to § 3 and § 4 of the German Chemical Prohibition Ordinance (ChemVerbotsV).
Substances and preparations that may only be sold to resellers, professional users or public research or examination institutes or educational establishments.
Please fill the form (Chemikalien-VerbotsverordnungGerman Chemical Prohibition Ordiance) (pdf-file) and send it to us via mail or fax, together with the required documents. We will process your order after receipt.


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