Asur Allround Paint Stripper, 3 l

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Dichloromethane-free and biodegradable paint stripper for removing 1K paints and oil paints.

Formerly m.a.c.s.® Paint Stripper Asur.

Asur Paint Remover is particularly suitable for removing 1K varnishes, emulsion paints, latex paints and oil-based paints on wood and metal and for removing various multi-layer coatings (plastic plasters, adhesives, PU foam, fiberglass wallpaper, waxes etc.) on facades and indoors.

All types of wood and metals, all mineral and solvent-resistant substrates, concrete, pure mineral plasters, all types of natural stone, plaster, stucco, masonry.

Special features:
Very universal, low odor, intensive and lasting dissolving properties, easy application for brushing, spraying or rolling.

Approx. 100 ml per paint/lacquer layer to be removed = 0.250 to 2.0 l/m².

Scheidel paint strippers and paint removers are combinations of solvents and additives designed to solve specific problems. In the "intelligent" gels, the solvent release is controlled to the paint layers to be removed. Scheidel holds various patents in this field.

All products are of course CHC-free (dichloromethane-free), user-friendly and biodegradable.

The selection of products should always be made on the basis of a test surface on the original object. Almost all paint removal problems can be solved with these products.
We recommend the paint stripper and paint remover system bag for this purpose. With the system bag (Order No. 4101 945), test areas can be created, application conditions checked and the most suitable product selected.

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