Marseilles Soap, Cube, 600 g

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Pure olive oil soap - The original from the house of "Marius Fabre". To be used as an additive for Stuccolustro work, or as a floor and brush cleaner.

Original "Marius Fabre" soap was first manufactured in Marseille during the 17th century and is still produced according to the original formula. Since it is a purely vegetable product, only first-class tree oils, mainly olive oil, are used to boil the soap. No artificial surfactants or preservatives are added, which is why Marseille soap can be used to clean delicate materials and surfaces. The high-quality ingredients have a refatting effect and thus restore the natural protective film on skin, natural hair / bristle.

The brush can be cleaned directly on the solid soap block with a little water and then rinsed. In this process, the hair and bristles are coated with a protective layer of oil and thereby remain soft and flexible for a long time. When used correctly, the product can significantly increase the lifespan of high-quality brushes.


  • produced on a purely organic basis
  • free of preservatives and surfactants
  • biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • melting point 34 °C
  • easily soluble in warm water
  • no foam development
  • moisturizing, with caring effect
  • suitable for people suffering from allergies
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