Nanorestore Gel® Test Kit

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Nanorestore Gel® Peggy are hydrogel for cleaning and/or controlled humidification of surfaces characterized by strong intermolecular bonds, which guarantee their physical consistency (they have their shape) and the absence of gel residues after cleaning. Thanks to their retentive network, the liquid contained in them are slowly released to the surface. Nanorestore Gel® Peggy is highly flexible and elastic, allowing for the application even on rough and/or irregular surfaces. Nanorestore Gel® Peggy are sold loaded with water, but they can also be loaded with hydroalcoholic mixtures (water/ethanol, etc.) or water-based nanostructured fluids of the Nanorestore Cleaning® series.

Kit contains:

    • 1 x Nanorestore Gel® Peggy Gum 5 (ca. 6 cm3)
    • 1 x Nanorestore Gel® Peggy Gum 6 (ca. 6 cm3)
    • 1 x Nanorestore Gel® Peggy 5 (ca. 70 cm2)
    • 1 x Nanorestore Gel® Peggy 6 (ca. 70 cm2)
    • 1 x Nanorestore Gel® HWR (ca. 70 cm2)
    • 1 x Nanorestore Gel® MWR (ca. 70 cm2)

    The Kit contains:

    • Nanorestore_PG5 Peggy Gel (Art.Nr. 2092000)
    • Nanorestore_PG6 Peggy Gel (Art.Nr. 2092002)
    • Nanorestore Gel® Peggy 5 Gum (Art.Nr. 2092004)
    • Nanorestore Gel® Peggy 6 Gum (Art.Nr. 2092006)
    • MWR Dry Gel (Art.Nr. 2092012)
    • HWR Dry Gel (Art.Nr. 2092014)

    The Nanorestore Gel® Peggy is useful when a controlled release of cleaning/detergent systems on a surface is necessary. Limiting the action of the cleaning systems used (water, solvents, micellar solutions, microemulsions, etc.) to the interphase gel/surface allows a more selective and controlled action during the removal of grime, dust and/or aged varnishes, reducing the risk of damaging the original materials and/or the underlying pictorial layer. Unlike the most common thickeners, used to increase the viscosity of liquids, gels can be considered as "containers," which allow putting the cleaning fluid in contact with the surface to be treated. Moreover, the gel can be removed from the surface by using tweezers or by delicately peeling the gel without the need to perform a potentially harmful mechanical action on the substrate.

    Ok to be used for

    • Removal of hydrosoluble dirt, grime or dust from canvas painting and in particular from irregular surfaces.
    • Removal of hydrosoluble dirt, grime or dust from painting on wood.
    • Removal of hydrosoluble dirt, grime or dust from textile articles.
    • Removal of stains and patches from paper.
    • Removal of aged varnishes from canvas paintings (in this case, Nanorestore Gel® Peggy should be loaded with solvents or Nanorestore Cleaning® formulations).
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