PolyPad® Vacuum, L 60 x 80 cm

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60 x 80 cm

The vacuum cushions are made of malleable padding in an airtight, adjustable cover. This pad gains this mouldable form by extracting the air from the cushion via a vent. The impact energy is largely absorbed by the ball-shaped filling material.

  • air impermeable cover
  • adaptable filling
  • able to evacuate

Please note: the handle requires a special pump. You will find these at the related products.

Larger quantities and special formats for a special price on request.

polypad: save, uncomplicated, reusable – the effect ive packaging principle!

The vacuum cushion stabilises fragile objects during treatment, transport and storage without applying additional pressure. It is made of malleable padding in a smooth airtight cover. The ball- shaped filling material adapts to the shape of the object. By extracting the air from the cushion via a vent, the pad is stabilized and offers pressure-free protection within seconds. Impact energy is extensively absorbed by the filling material. The pad is tough, tear-proof, reusable, chemically neutral and can be disinfected.


  • Quick +easy immobilization → stabilization of complex structures
  • Form-fit support, free of pressure → large-area shock absorption
  • Reusable → versatile application and environmentally-friendly
  • Individual filling material → increase in safety

In the field of art transportation no system offers such an effective adaption.

Scope of application

  • Protection of art during transportation:
    - Indoor
    - Exhibition set up / dismantling
    - Lending
  • Stabilisation and fixing during:
    - Documentation
    - Inventory
    - Conservation

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