Rabbit Hide Glue, Ground, 1 kg

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High-quality rabbit hide glue for restoration, suitable for gluing wood, paper, cardboard, leather or textiles. It is particularly characterised by its good durability and flexibility.

  • Gel strength: 440 +/- 20 Bloomgram
  • Viscosity 140 +/- 10 mPa.s

The glue is preserved by the addition of sulphur dioxide.

The proportion of the preservative decreases according to the glue solution prepared: the lower the concentration of the glue solution, the lower the proportion of the preservative. Hot, humid and thundery weather can have a significant effect on the shelf life of the preparation.

Please be sure to use clean containers, preferably glass containers, and store them in a cool place.

Processing (according to intended use):

  • Rabbit hide glue is used in a solution of 1 part glue to 12 parts water.
  • Stir into cold water without lumps and then allow to swell for 1 - 2 hours until all water has been absorbed.
  • The solution is then heated indirectly in a water bath and melts at approx. 60 °C.
  • When it reaches this temperature, it should be used immediately, as it gels quickly. However, this has the advantage that it already binds strongly when wet and the substrates to be bonded therefore only need to be pressed briefly.
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