Schmincke AEROSPRAY Universal-Fixative, 400 ml

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UN-Number: UN 1950 Kl. 2 (5 F)
H222, H229, H319

Alcohol-based fixative with UV-protection for many drawing and painting techniques. Dries fast and forms a tough clear silk gloss film.

Fixative for several painting and drawing techniques based on a high-quality synthetic resin solved in alcohols with UV-protector.
Intermediate fixative for charcoal and pencil (so they can be painted over with oil colours!); final fixative for charcoal, pencil and pastel; also suitable for water-colours, gouache and aqua-linoprint-colours. Can also be used as a varnish for inkjet prints, art prints and photos.
Individual pre-tests are required.

Shake well before use and spray at 30 - 40 cm distance. Any clogged-up spray heads are best cleaned with alcohol.

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