Technovit® 2000 LC Liquid, 1000 ml

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Technovit® 2000 LC is particularly suitable for embedding very temperature-sensitive materials.

Now with improved properties:

  • Reduction of viscosity: better penetration into porous surfaces
  • Higher final hardness, improving polishability and flatness
  • Higher transparency and lower smear layer for optically high quality samples

Technovit®2000 LC Liquid is a 1-component embedding resin with highest transparency based on methacrylate. The hardening takes place under blue light. Technovit®2000 LC is a very low-gap embedding resin. The product was developed especially for the examination or preparation of delicate materials and micro parts. The material reaches its final hardness after cooling down to room temperature. Technovit® 2000 LC can be combined with all other Technovit® resins. After hardening, the sample can be machined.

The properties of Technovit® 2000 LC Liquid:

  • no material loss, because of 1 component material
  • unlimited processing range, polymerisation only starts when blue light is applied
  • low polymerisation temperature of approx. 90 °C, with application of the corresponding irradiation programme also approx. 50 °C can be achieved
  • hards under blue light, no use of harmful UV light
  • no bubble formation
  • highly transparent
  • odourless
  • alcohol and acid resistant
  • suitable for SEM
  • free of CMR substances

When working, exactly the amount of casting resin required can be poured directly into the mould from the bottle opening with a special pouring device. After polymerisation, sticky cleavage products may form towards the contact surface with the air. These can be easily removed with ethanol or sanded away.
Technovit® 2000 Inside Cure is a special additive that ensures the polymerisation of Technovit® 2000 LC in shaded areas or inside the sample.

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