Tyvek® Seal Bag Fleece, 15 cm x 2 m

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Tyvek®-PE-Laminate, protection material for seals and wax objects.

A seal bag should be soft and shock-absorbing. The inside should be smooth, so that the pointed and sharp edges of damaged seals that have not been restored yet, cannot get caught on the material and further damage can be prevented. No fuzz can get stuck to the wax either. To meet these needs Tyvek® was combined with PE-fleece.

The material is more soft and flexible than previous used fleece. The wrapped seal is way smaler than with common seal bags, which was a problem in the envelopes for the documents before.

The smooth inside is entirely safe even for seals that have not been restored before storage. You are absolutely flexible in size because you cut your workpiece out of the strip. Tyvek®-PE-fleece can be stapled, glued or welded.

  • material: 100 % PET spunbond
  • weight: 110 g/m2
  • thickness: 1,3 mm
  • air permeability: 2500 l/m2s

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