1. We process your order quickly and ship it generally within less then a week. In case export or custom declaration forms are required, the average shipping time may vary. We hold an extensive stock of products. In case an item you order is out of stock, we may choose to make partial delivery. To designate an alternative delivery address or recipient with your order please use the comment field with online orders or contact us.
  2. If pre-payment is required, we will send you a proforma-invoice. Shipment will be made with receipt of payment or according to the estimated shipment date specified on the order confirmation provided.
  3. We generally ship with GLS parcel service, UPS or DHL express. Items too heavy or too large, larger quantities of paint as well as exports will be shipped via common carrier.
    If you require expedited service, please let us know with your order or contact us.
  4. Please find below the standard rates for selected international destinations.
  5. Dangerous Goods – the shipment of dangerous goods is restricted according to forwarders terms and conditions as well as to national and international regulations. Generally, dangerous goods are sent via common carrier. Details will be provided upon request or with the order confirmation.

Price information - All prices excl. VAT.

Attention: Additional costs may apply for special shipping methods. This applies in particular to dangerous goods (chemicals, solvents) and island delivery.

Freight Charges Parcel
Service Destination (Selection)

max 5 kg

max 15 kg

max 30 kg


  6.50 €

  9.50 €

11.50 €


11.00 €

17.00 €

19.00 €

Benelux Countries, Denmark

10.00 €

13.00 €

24.50 €

Switzerland(1), Liechtenstein(1)

15.00 €

18.00 €

29.00 €

Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic

10.00 €

14.00 €

22.00 €

France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain (land), Romania, Portugal (land)

12.00 €

15.00 €

24.00 €


32.00 €

36.00 €

53.00 €


17.00 €

25.00 €

35.00 €

Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece

15.00 €

18.00 €

30.00 €


20.00 €

25.00 €

38.50 €

(1) Unverzollt und unversteuert / excl. customs and tax

Please note: We deliver worldwide, please ask for the conditions.



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