XpeCAM® X02 Camera for Spectral Analysis System

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XpeCAM® is a multi-spectral acquisition system based on non-invasive and non-destructive technology.
Suitable for the analysis of paintings on canvas, graphics and murals, e.g. for the detailed detection of underdrawings, the characterisation of paint layers and pigment mapping, detection of overpaintings as well as for the examination of the coating layer structure.

  • Spectral sensitivity range: 350 - 1200 nm
  • Number of filters: 30
  • Material: acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
  • Shape: cubic
  • Dimensions: 8.6 x 18.8 x 19.0 cm
  • Weight: 2 kg

Technical data

  • Spectral sensitivity range: 350 - 1200 nm
  • Number of filters: 30
  • Sensor: 8-bit monochromatic
  • Image resolution: 6,4 Mp (3088 x 2076 px)
  • Standard colour: black
  • Cabel: USB 3.1 Gen 1 - Type C
  • Target indicator: yes
  • Illumination support (optional): LAMPA (Wi-Fi)
  • Hardware status: LED indicator
  • Mounting bracket: standard tripod
  • Protection index: IP 10
  • Dimensions: 8.6 x 18.8 x 19.0 cm
  • Weight: 2 kg

Set up

  • Position: facing object, 0 angle of incidence
  • Optimal distance: approx. 1.5 m

Available Lenses

  • Mount type (exchangeable): C-mount

Lens and acquisition area

  • 35 mm (default): A4 size
  • 25 mm (optional): A3 size

Available calibrations

  • XDRT: A4 and A3

Available Modes

Automatic mode

  • Spectral acquisition range: 400 - 1000 nm
  • Acquisition time: 13 min

Manual mode

  • Spectral acquisition range: 350 - 1200 nm
  • Exposure time selection: 10 - 1500 msec


Spectral imaging technology is well known in the heritage & conservation practice for a long time since the introduction of filters coupled to analog cameras for technical photography. Nowadays, the digital era of modern sensors, allows to computationally explore digital data, compare, cluster and apply machine learning and artificial intelligence methodologies.
XpeCAM® is a multispectral solution developed to analyze artwork in a non-destructive way. This allows non-touching measurements of surface areas to be easily acquired and extract deep knowledge information as pigment classification, automated mapping of different materials and more.


Only two steps are required:

  • Acquire data using tech automated hardware
  • Upload data into XpeCAM® platform for automatic processing and analysis.

The XpeCAM® Solution is composed by:

  • XpeCAM® X02 - the multispectral acquisition device
  • XpecEYE software - the data acquisition software to operate XpeCAM® X02 in your local computer, without internet
  • LAMPA Master - a broadband UV-VIS-IR light source
  • LAMPA Satellite - one support light source to promote light homogeneity
  • XpeCAM® Platform Access - cloud based workspace to process, analyze data, and manage work


The XpeCAM® Solution aims to answer essential questions in cultural heritage field as the in-depth study of the characteristics of a surface, without the necessity of taking physical samples. Professionals are searching for changes in a surface, whether they belong to different materials or to material degradations, as also to monitor the treatments’ progression, through non-destructive analysis:

  • Visualize a painting in ultraviolet, visible, and infrared for better analysis
  • Characterize and map pigments and repaints existence
  • Certify that cleaning tests are performed without damages
  • Monitor the varnish removal during a conservation treatment
  • Ensure the homogeneous application of a varnish layer
  • Understand the colour fading through time, by comparative analysis

…and this is just an example of a work process in a single painting.

Therefore, XpeCAM® is a fast, portable, and reliable solution to use from the first approach to artworks. It will empower your knowledge about what is really happening in the surface.


XpeCAM® empowers professionals with results from a fast and non-destructive analysis of the surface. This is made possible, by a fast multi-spectral data acquisition device, and an automated data processing and analysis platform. Results allow the user to understand the material dispersion through automatically generated surface mappings, track treatment processes and monitor changes after intervention.

Comparison of one artwork, between what we see with our eyes, and what XpeCAM® provides regarding pigments classification.

Hidden information encrypted by censorships, or vanished contents through time, is again accessible without the use of any hazardous chemical treatment. XpeCAM® enhances data visualization, allowing our eyes to see what is invisible. It is now possible to process large amounts of documents in a fast pace, empowering institutions to offer a democratic access to new data.

In the left image we can see a censored text with iron gall ink. A digital ink removal was automatically done as seen in the right image.

XpeCAM® provides information on Mural Paintings from the light that cross them. It is then possible to understand the initial constructive draw schemes, the colours, or the pathologies dispersion across the surface. From the infinite type of inks and mixture recipes, we can always enhance the surface’s immersive interpretation.

In the image on the left, a black and white PCA analysis is presented, and in the image on the right, the clustered materials are enhanced in pseudocolour, enabling a better understanding.

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