Workshop "Soft Particle Blasting - the Gentle Dry Cleaning" at the University of Fine Arts (Dresden)

Workshop "Soft Particle Blasting - the Gentle Dry Cleaning" at the University of Fine Arts (Dresden)
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From May 18th to 19th, 2022, Deffner & Johann organized the two day workshop "Soft Particle Blasting - the Gentle Dry Cleaning" at the University of Fine Arts in Dresden, directed by Maren Dümmler M.A., a specialist on paper conservation. Soft particle blasting can be used to clean paper, parchment, wood, glass, wax seals, metal and many other surfaces gently. Compared to conventional methods, e. g. cleaning with a sponge, there is no risk of roughening or polishing a surface. The process is particularly suitable for delicate and fragile objects or porous surfaces.

Workshop Weichpartikelstrahlen_Dresden_04_0522

On the first day, students from the class for art technology, conservation and restoration of painting on mobile image carriers (University of Fine Arts, Dresden) attended the workshop with Prof. Dr. Ursula Haller, Mona Konietzny and Sandra Plötz. After a theoretical introduction to the topic of soft particle blasting and the presentation of the equipment by Maren Dümmler, the participants were able to carry out initial tests on various samples. Later, the students had the opportunity to clean sample objects with different blasting agents and to learn the process. An exchange of experiences concluded the day.

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For the second day, conservators and restorers from different disciplines and institutions met, which allowed an intensive, interdisciplinary exchange of experiences. Based on the various samples that the participants had brought with them, e. g. archaeological collection items, frames, sculptures and objects from ethnic collections, the practice of soft particle blasting could be applied to diverse materials.

Workshop Weichpartikelstrahlen, Dresden, Deffner und Johann_02_052022

Good cleaning results on various materials were achieved throughout and feedback on the course and technique was also positive.

Deffner & Johann would like to thank the University of Fine Arts, Dresden, all participants and Maren Dümmler for the successful workshop and the rich exchange of knowledge and experience.


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