Cyclododecane, Spray Can 500 ml

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UN-Number: UN 1950 Kl. 2 (5 F)
CAS-Number: 106-97-8
H222-H229, H319
Safety Instructions:
P210, P211, P251, P305+P351+P338, P410+P412, P501

Fully sublimating binder - in a spray can (500 ml).

Temporary sealant, stabilizer and water repellant for transport protection and moulding. Protection of deeper layers during aqueous surface cleaning or excavations. Punctual and large-area protection of plasters, stones, wood and metal parts.

Cyclododecane is a non-toxic, wax-like substance, solid at room temperature, with the special property of evaporating within a reasonable time without leaving residues. The water repellent Cyclododecane and is applied in heated liquified form (melting point 63 °C) or as a solution in non-polar solvents (e.g. Petroleum Ether 60 - 95 °C).
The substance is insoluble in alcohols and water.

Technical information:

  • 100 % sublimating - no residues remain on the surface
  • Post-cleaning of the sprayed surfaces is not necessary
  • Very long sublimation time (> 10 hours), depending on object surface, temperature and film thickness
  • Sublimation time can be adjusted by layer thickness and ambient temperature
  • Film thickness depends on spray distance, reduce distance for a thicker film
  • Suitable for all surfaces, but a compatibility test is recommended in advance
  • Homogeneous, fine spray pattern and excellent bonding properties
  • Solvent-reduced and with pleasant odor
  • Minimum shelf life 4 years, at 5 - 45 °C storage temperature
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