filmoplast® P

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Repair paper with adhesive. 2 cm x 50 m roll.

filmoplast® P

  • 20 g/m² special paper with ideal combination of stability and strength with softness and transparency, highly transparent
  • Coated with ageing-resistant, nonyellowing, permanently elastic acrylic adhesive, buffered with CaCO3, slightly alkaline so that damage to the documents is not possible, but with sufficient buffer capacity to prevent acid decay.
  • Ageing resistance certified by the Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS - paper technology specialists) in Munich.
  • Photograpic Activity Test (PAT) ISO 18916 certified by the Image Permanace Institut, Rochester Institute of Technology.

Fields of application:

Repair, protection and embedding of papers, attaching and joining torn pages, reattaching torn out pages, repairing torn pages, fixing thinner papers to passe-partouts, the suspension remains hidden.

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