Nanorestore Cleaning® Polar Coating B

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UN-Number: UN 1993 Kl. 3 VG II
H225, H318, H336
Safety Instructions:
P210, P233, P243, P261, P303+P361+P353, P304+P340, P305+P351+P338, P310, P370+P378, P403+P235

Water-based nanostructured fluid containing a nonionic alcohol ethoxylate surfactant and a mixture of methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) and 2-butanol. This formulation is designed for the removal of polymeric coatings, such as acrylic and vinyl synthetic polymers and (aged) natural and synthetic varnishes. This formulation can be safely used when the presence of salts is significant.

Nanorestore Cleaning® systems are particularly effective in the removal of oily soils and organic coatings without redeposition into the pores of the substrate. They offer performances not achievable with traditional solvents or solvent gels and represent a new platform for conservation of work of arts. Nanostructured cleaning fluids (water-in-oil microemulsions, micellar solutions) are substantially based on water, with a drastically reduced solvent content while maintaining cleaning effectiveness.

The formulations of Nanorestore Cleaning® can be used for the removal of oily soils, grime or (aged) organic coatings from the surface of (porous) works of art, in order to overcome the drawbacks of traditional cleaning methods (i.e. limited control on the cleaning action of neat organic solvents, spreading of the dissolved material, toxicity issues), or when neat organic solvents do not provide satisfactory results.

OK to be used for

  • Removal of hydrosoluble dirt, grime or dust from mural paintings and stone artifacts
  • Removal of (aged) coatings, such as acrylic and vinyl synthetic polymers and (aged) natural and synthetic varnishes from mural paintings and stone artifacts
  • Can be combined with Nanorestore Gels (see data sheet
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