PolyPad® Textile, TM 15 x 65 cm

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TS 15 x 65 cm

The watertight and airtight textile pads have a Tyvek casing with a mouldable filling made up of EPS balls and polyester fibres. Their supportive, stabilising and dampening effect combines the properties of sandbags and foam. The dust-proof textile pads are superior to these, however, thanks to their supple structure the possibility to exchange air to the contact surface as well as depressurised storage.

  • permeable to steam and air
  • plastic filling
  • air exchange at bearing area

Larger quantities and special formats for a special price on request.

polypad: save, uncomplicated, reusable – the effect ive packaging principle!

Transporting sensitive artwork and cultural assets can be quite a challenge and is in most cases associated with high costs. Often, the amount of packaging material and effort required to guarantee safe transport seem unreasonably high. Polypad offers a reusable packaging system for the protection of sensitive objects.

Universally usable pads are used to stabilize sensitive artifacts while transportation. A special feature is the filling with tiny foam pearls. The pearls adapt positively to the objects outline. The pads can be evacuated by a valve and rigidify in the modeled position.

The advantage: The pressure-free protection happens in seconds. Dynamic impacts (shock, vibration) are disseminated over the whole filling and thus effectively absorbed. The reusable pads exceed in their stabilizing and damping impact common packaging methods.


  • Quick +easy immobilization → stabilization of complex structures
  • Form-fit support, free of pressure → large-area shock absorption
  • Reusable → versatile application and environmentally-friendly
  • Individual filling material → increase in safety

In the field of art transportation no system offers such an effective adaption.


Scope of application

  • Protection of art during transportation:
    - Indoor
    - Exhibition set up / dismantling
    - Lending
  • Stabilisation and fixing during:
    - Documentation
    - Inventory
    - Conservation

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