Dräger Chemical Industry Set X-plore® 3300

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The chemical industry set offers protection and comfort with easy handling and is characterised by its durability. Ready for immediate use when handling chemicals.

  • Identification colour: brown, grey, yellow, green, red, white
  • Protection level: A1/P3
  • Material mask: Soft-TPE - skin-friendly, soft, comfortable to wear
  • Size: M
  • Weight (mask without filters): approx. 95 g
  • Colour: translucent grey
  • Can be combined with Dräger bayonet filters

Package content:
1x X-plore® 3300 Half Mask
2x Gas Filter X-plore® ® A1/P3 B1E1K1 Hg R D with bayonet connection

A1 for protection from gases and vapours of organic compounds with a boiling point below 65 °C, e.g. solvent-based paints, adhesives and cleaning agents (turpentine, nitro thinner, petrol, toluene, xylene, etc.) when applied by spraying or with a brush and roller.

P3 for protection from high levels of exposure to hazardous and carcinogenic fine dusts and oil or water vapours. To be used when sanding hardwood and chrome-containing rust protection, zinc, lead and stainless steel, processing glass and mineral fibres and removing mould.

Properties of the mask

Dräger X-plore® 3300

A perfect combination:
Modern design and light weight offer you extra protection and comfort. The low-maintenance and economical Dräger X-plore® 3300 half mask offers protection for continuous, demanding applications.

Twin-filter half-face mask
Dräger specific bayonet connection (twin-filter system mask body made from Soft-TPE or DrägerFlex material (silicon free) to be used with X-plore® Bayonet filters.

Comfortable: easy respiration with low resistance
The innovative design of the respiratory protection masks ensures easy, comfortable breathing. A large opening on the exhalation valve keeps resistance low. The cascade-shaped nose bridge offers optimal distribution of pressure.

Well-fitting: optimal fit for any face
The positioning of the filters on the sides and the flat design of the masks provide maximum field of view and a secure fit, even when worn with a protective visor. The Dräger FlexiFit head straps provide additional comfort. Thanks to the soft materials and ergonomic shape, the mask is a perfect fit for nearly any wearer. Even under a helmet, the head strap is hardly noticeable. Its innovative design makes it easy to don and doff without getting tangled in the wearer's hair. The special mask straps with their criss-cross pattern are simple to adjust, ensuring optimal distribution of weight and pressure, so the mask is even more comfortable.

Safe: innovative product features ensure optimal safety
Dräger half masks are valued for their precision design which offers optimal protection. For example, the cascade shape of the valve creates an extra powerful seal. The specially designed, flexible nose bridge ensures an extra secure fit that contours perfectly to the face, even when worn with protective eyewear. The Dräger X-plore® 3300 is equipped with two bayonet connectors on the sides for combination with the extensive Dräger X-plore® bayonet filter series. These also provide a high level of safety: both filters are so simple to attach, it is practically impossible to mount them incorrectly.

Simple: improved product design for easy handling
The mask is made of as few parts as possible. The advantage of this is fast, easy cleaning. No special training is required, either to use the respiratory protection masks or to (dis)assemble them.

The perfect set for any job
We offer two pre-packaged sets including X-plore® 3000 half masks and two filters, giving you everything you need for your job. The chemical works set is suitable for working with chemicals, vapours and various particles when performing tasks such as collecting samples, mixing substances or cleaning. For working with paints or varnishes, as well as cleaning or preparing surfaces with organic chemicals and liquid or solid particles, our painter set is your choice.

  • Approval: CE-certified (EN 140)

Please read the complete product instructions before use. Improper use of this protective equipment may result in injury and serious or life-threatening conditions.

Dräger X-plore® Bayonet
The masks are equipped with the bayonet click connection, which makes it very easy to connect a wide range of filters. This unique connection system allows a fast and secure filter exchange, e.g. against particles or gases and vapors, with one simple click. When used correctly, the maintenance-free masks can be reused over a longer period without any problems.

The advantages of the bayonet click connection

  • Unique connection system ensures correct and secure attachment of the filters to the mask body
  • Fast and simple replacement of the filters
  • Integrated rubber seals ensure a perfect fit of the filters
  • No loss of the tight filter seal even after frequent use

Respirators and equipment
Proper protection should be a matter of course for all work involving respiratory hazards. Unfortunately, it is still often underestimated how especially fine dusts, solvent vapors, bacteria, fungi etc. affect our health in the long term. Protect yourself sufficiently today to stay healthy in the future. Health protection at the workplace has become convenient, comfortable and easy.

Please note
So-called "coarse dust masks" do not protect you! Nevertheless, these masks are still widely used because they are cheap and the breathing resistance is pleasantly low. This face mask (the conventional name for the so-called "coarse dust masks") is not approved as respiratory protection. It neither offers protection from fine dusts and paint spray mist nor against released solvents and vapors.

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