3M™ Respirator 9913 without Valve FFP1, 20 Pieces

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Robust, dimensionally stable mask for protection from non-hazardous dusts and oil or water vapors in low concentrations. Reduces unpleasant odors and provides a high level of comfort.

Protection level: FFP1, without exhalation valve
Package content: 20 pieces

FFP1 (Filtering Face Piece - Class 1) filters low concentrations of non-hazardous dusts and oil or water vapors typically produced during hand sanding.

Properties of the respirator:

  • robust, dimensionally stable shell that easily adapts to most face shapes and sizes
  • adjustable nosepiece with foam padding helps to seal along the nose and cheeks
  • molded nose section increases compatibility with safety glasses
  • seal dots on the upper section reduce fogging of eyewear for better view
  • the respirator is held securely in place by head straps, which contribute to a good, comfortable seal. The color coding indicates the classification - Yellow: FFP1 according to EN 149:2001+A1:2014
  • for the use with non-hazardous substances
  • supports protection from certain particles up to concentrations of 4 x WEL

Please read the complete product instructions before use. Improper use of this protective equipment may result in injury and serious or life-threatening conditions.

Respirators and equipment
Proper protection should be a matter of course for all work involving respiratory hazards. Unfortunately, it is still often underestimated how especially fine dusts, solvent vapors, bacteria, fungi etc. affect our health in the long term. Protect yourself sufficiently today to stay healthy in the future. Health protection at the workplace has become convenient, comfortable and easy.

Please note
So-called "coarse dust masks" do not protect you! Nevertheless, these masks are still widely used because they are cheap and the breathing resistance is pleasantly low. This face mask (the conventional name for the so-called "coarse dust masks") is not approved as respiratory protection. It neither offers protection from fine dusts and paint spray mist nor against released solvents and vapors.

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