3M™ Full Face Respirator 6800, 6000 Series

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Full-face respirator without filters, equipped with the bayonet click connection, which makes it very easy to connect a wide range of filters in one simple "click". The lightweight mask guarantees protection and comfort with easy handling and is characterized by its durability.

With the matching 3M™ Spectacle Kit, the mask is also suitable for wearers of glasses, please see accessories.

Package content: 1 piece, full face respirator

Please note: Filters are not included in the delivery!

Properties of the respirator:

  • good wearing comfort with maximum protection and easy handling
  • wide field of view due to polycarbonate lens: scratch and impact resistant
  • permanently excellent vision for fatigue-free work
  • particularly suitable for overhead work
  • improved breathability and lower breathing resistance due to double exhalation valve and large filters
  • easy filter exchange thanks to the bayonet click connection for a wide range of filters
  • soft, anti-allergic silicone full-face mask body fits any face shape
  • fastening system: 4-point strap
  • net weight: 400g

Please read the complete product instructions before use. Improper use of this protective equipment may result in injury and serious or life-threatening conditions.

3M™ half and full face respirators with exchangeable filters
All 6000 and 7000 series masks are equipped with the bayonet click connection, which makes it very easy to connect a wide range of filters. This unique connection system allows a fast and secure filter exchange, e.g. against particles or gases and vapors, with one simple click. When used correctly, the maintenance-free masks can be reused over a longer period without any problems.

The advantages of the bayonet click connection:

  • a wide range of filters can be used with all 3M™ 6000 and 7000 series masks
  • unique connection system ensures correct and secure attachment of the filters to the mask body
  • fast and simple replacement of the filters
  • integrated rubber seals ensure a perfect fit of the filters
  • no loss of the tight filter seal even after frequent use

Respirators and equipment
Proper protection should be a matter of course for all work involving respiratory hazards. Unfortunately, it is still often underestimated how especially fine dusts, solvent vapors, bacteria, fungi etc. affect our health in the long term. Protect yourself sufficiently today to stay healthy in the future. Health protection at the workplace has become convenient, comfortable and easy.

Please note
So-called "coarse dust masks" do not protect you! Nevertheless, these masks are still widely used because they are cheap and the breathing resistance is pleasantly low. This face mask (the conventional name for the so-called "coarse dust masks") is not approved as respiratory protection. It neither offers protection from fine dusts and paint spray mist nor against released solvents and vapors.

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