G-Trap Insect Trap (Gluetrap), 30 Pieces

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The G-Trap is an insect trap ( glue trap), which is ideal for the monitoring of running insect pests due to its simple handling and operation. The trap does not contain any attractants and therefore works at random. Selective monitoring of individual insect species is therefore not possible.

The G-Trap does not contain any harmful chemicals, does not spread any unpleasant odors and is completely harmless for the user as well as museum stocks.

Dimension: 100 x 70 x 17 mm

For optimal efficiency of the G-Trap, correct positioning and regular replacement is essential. Preferably, the traps should be placed in corners of rooms and along walls, as these corridors are often more heavily frequented by insects. The recommended distance between individual traps should be about 5 m. To identify a more severe (local) pest infestation, the traps can also be placed at a smaller distance.
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