Insectron® Insect Trap 200 M

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The UV-free light trap Insectron® 200 M is designed for controlling and monitoring flying insects. The trap is equipped with a light source and a glue board on both sides, making it particularly suitable for mounting on ceilings. Due to the special light sources, the trap can also be used in UV light-sensitive areas.

Area coverage: up to 150 m²
Mounting: Attached to the ceiling

Flying insects are attracted by the UV-free light sources and stick to the adhesive-coated trapping surfaces. This non-destructive trapping method makes it easy to identify and quantify the insects, allowing user-friendly and professional monitoring.

The Insectron® insect traps impress with their high efficiency and straightforward handling. The devices run silently, produce no unpleasant odors and work without the use of chemicals. These features make the traps an economical and environmentally friendly tool for Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

The Insectron® product range is an excellent addition to other traps such as L-Trap, M-Trap and S-Trap.


  • Mounting position: ceiling mounted
  • Dimension: 63 x 20 x 43.5 cm
  • Weight: approx. 9 kg
  • Illuminant: green, 2 x 18 W
  • Effective surface area: up to 150 m²
  • Headroom: < 7 m
  • Power consumption: max. 40 W
  • Voltage: 230 V / 240 V (50 Hz)
  • Housing: stainless steel
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Quality certification: ISO 9001
  • CE certification: YES


Glue boards should be replaced after approximately 2 to 3 months of use, if used for a longer period of time the adhesive strength will be reduced drastically.

Illuminants should be replaced if they are defective or if fewer insects are attracted:

  • After approx. 2,000 burning hours (= 3 months of continuous operation): decrease in attraction approx. 7 %.
  • After approx. 4,000 burning hours (= 6 months of continuous operation): decrease in attraction approx. 15 %.
  • After approx. 6,000 burning hours (= 9 months of continuous operation): decrease in attraction approx. 30 %.

When a burning time of 6,000 hours has been reached, illuminants should be replaced in any case.

For professional and secure mounting on the ceiling, we recommend our shuttle lifting system - KIT EASY MAINTENANCE (please see accessories).

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