Insect Trap I-Trap 30 LED

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Versatile UV-A light trap for controlling and monitoring flying insects. The trap is equipped with an energy-efficient LED lamp and one glue board. Due to its closed front design, the glue board is not visible from the outside, and the emission angle of the light source is directed upwards. The I-Trap 30 LED is therefore ideal for the use in museums and archives (especially in visitor areas), but also in workshops, offices, restaurant or other public areas.

Caution: The I-Trap 30 LED is not suitable for use in UV light-sensitive areas.

Area coverage: up to approx. 50 m²
Mounting: Attached to the wall


Flying insects are attracted by the UV-A light source and stick to the adhesive-coated trapping surface. This non-destructive trapping method makes it easy to identify and quantify the insects, allowing user-friendly and professional monitoring.

The I-Trap 30 LED impresses with its high efficiency at minimal energy consumption and its ease of use. The device runs silently, does not produce unpleasant odors and works without the use of chemicals. These features make the trap an economical and environmentally friendly tool in integrated pest management (IPM).

The I-Trap 30 LED is an ideal complement to other traps such as L-Trap, M-Trap, S-Trap and G-Trap.


  • Mounting position: wall mounted
  • Dimension: 494 x 147 x 165 mm
  • Weight: approx. 2 kg
  • Illuminant: Astron UV-A LED lamp, 1 x 15 Watt
  • Lifetime of lamp: approx. 25,000 hours
  • Area coverage: up to approx. 50 m²
  • Power / consumption: max. 11 W
  • Voltage: 100 - 240 V ~ 50 - 60 Hz
  • Protection class: IP 20
  • Quality certification: IEC-335-259
  • CE certification: YES

Advantages of I-Trap 30 LED:

  • Effective & proven design
  • Energy-saving UV-A LED technology enables savings of over 45 kW per unit and year (compared to models with standard lamps)
  • UV-A LED with approx. 3 years lifetime
  • Environmentally friendly, without the use of chemicals
  • RoHS / REACH / ISO and CB compliant
  • Quick and easy maintenance of the unit
  • Optimized glue board provides optimal catch results and fast analysis
  • High quality housing ensures more than 5 years of operation
  • Quick installation and easy maintenance

Glue boards should be replaced after approximately 2 to 3 months of use, if used for a longer period of time the adhesive strength will be reduced drastically.

Illuminants should be replaced if they are defective or if fewer insects are attracted:

  • After approx. 25,000 burning hours (= 35 months of continuous operation): decrease in attraction approx. 30 %

When a burning time of 25,000 hours has been reached, illuminants should be replaced in any case.

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