LEDAN® STUC FORTE, Bucket à 20 kg

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CAS-Number: 85117-09-5
H315, H318
Safety Instructions:
P280, P302+ P352, P305+P351+P338, P332+P313

Plaster with excellent adhesive strength and high thixotropicity. Exceptional chromatic yield. Absence of efflorescence even in very wet environments.

LEDAN® STUC FORTE is a highly resistant mortar for the grouting and reconstruction of architectural elements missing parts (frames, pilasters, columns etc..), and natural or artificial stone made fountain’s basins. It can be used to realize load distribution screeds, armed with composite nets, on the vaults extrados.
Ready-to-use with the addition of water only, offers an excellent adhesive strength, high thixotropic features and physical and chemical compatibility with stone walls. The white mortar can be pigmented with natural earth colours in order to reach the desired chromatic value, with durability of the added colours.
The remarkable efflorescence phenomena resistance makes it particularly suitable to be used in the presence of water.

Particular Features:
Excellent adhesive power, high thixotropicity; chemical mechanic compatibility with the support. Exceptional chromatic yield. Absence of efflorescences even in very wet environments. Durability of the added colours.
Composition of Formulation:
It is made up of special hydraulic binders (C40) chemically stable and with very low soluble salt contents, inert flints, calcareous and a special combination of fluidifying, retentive, airing additives. The formulation, produced in 1/10,000 planetary dispersion for a time not under 20 minutes, forms a homogenous premix of a white marble colour.

Application Fields:
Product appropriately formulated to solve problems related to plastering and reconstruction of missing parts in ornamental elements made by stony material, such as statue, capitals, colonnade. Special suited to restore fountains.

Preparation's Instructions:
LEDAN® STUC FORTE is a premix ready-to-use with the addition of water only. Knead energetically, for about three minutes, little doses of LEDAN® STUC FORTE, with clean water. Reached the desired workability, apply preferably during the first twenty minutes since the preparation.

Instructions for use:
1. Clean well the surfaces on which the intervention will must be executed, taking care of removing friable parts, dirtiness any protective substance that can damage the adherence between the support and the mortar for restoration.
2. Apply the mixture prepared in thicknesses not more than 2 cm par time.
3. If is necessary to reconstruct lacking parts of considerable dimensions “reinforce” with polypropylene fibre nets and do the restorations in more phases.

Note: LEDAN® STUC FORTE is hydraulic binder; is not advised the application in periods of extreme cold (with minimum temperatures less than 5 °C) or extreme heat (with maximum temperatures over 35 °C).

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