Nanorestore Plus® Propanol 5 g/l

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UN-Number: UN 1219 Kl. 3 VG II
H225, H319
Safety Instructions:
P210, P233, P280, P312, P337+P313, P370+P378

Nanorestore Plus® formulations are specifically designed for consolidation purposes of wall paintings and carbonatic stone in order to recover the mechanical properties of the material .

Nanorestore Plus® Propanol 5: Calcium hydroxide nanoparticles dispersed in 2-propanol at a concentration of 5 g/l. These particles, also known as nanolimes, are highly compatible with carbonate-based materials, such as wall paintings and carbonatic stone. Due to their compatibility, they represent an alternative to traditional consolidation materials used in restoration practice Calcium hydroxide nanoparticles of Nanorestore Plus® formulations penetrate into the pores and cracks of the artifacts, where they act as a binder for the de-cohered layers and powdering surface of the works of art by turning into calcium carbonate through the reaction with atmospheric CO2. The carbonation process is highly favored by the nanosize of the particles.

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