Nasier Lapideo L01, 200 g

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Nasier Lapideo L01 is an eco-friendly detergent based on stabilised enzymes, suitable for the removal of biological and protein patinas from stone, ceramic, glass and metal surfaces.

Effective against the following types of patinas:

  • Biological patina (lichens, molds, cyanobacteria, algae, mosses)
  • Protein patina (casein, protein glues, protein-based substances)


  • White, aqueous gel based on stabilised enzymes
  • Ready to use
  • The product is not biocidal
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly formulation, therefore harmless to user and environment
  • Due to its special composition, the product acts selectively without attacking or damaging the underlying surface
  • Gently and easily removes the biological patina from the surface to be treated by hydrolysing the contained peptide bonds of the protein substances
  • Thanks to its unique properties, the product can be used directly without first measuring the pH or temperature of the surface to be cleaned or of the product itself
  • Can even be used if the surface contains metallic components
  • Only for professional use in the field of restoration and conservation

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