Temart T-Hang M6 System, 1 Set

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The Temart Hanger (T-Hang) is designed for a quick and secure mounting of artworks with different kinds of hanging systems and on any type of wall. It is easily height adjustable after mounting to the wall and is also an effective anti-theft system.
T-Hang M6 is made for uneven walls with large cracks and heavy plaster. With T Hang-M6 it is possible to over bridge a crack in the wall and still have the hook in the desired position.

  • Dimensions mounting plate: 70 x 34 mm
  • Length of the vertical thread: 30 mm, Ø 5 mm
  • Diameter dowel: 4 - 12 mm
  • Material: steel, galvanized
  • Max. load capacity of one hang: 30 kg

Package content set:
2 x mounting plate
4 x hang
2 x "Ozzy" special nut with plate
2 x cupola nut
2 x nut

Please note:
To mount the cap nut (anti-theft device) you need the special Flexidrive M6 tool.

The T-Hang's adaptability is advantageous in handling loaned artworks.

When different types of screw loops or similar are used in an exhibition, the T-Hanger makes handling easier and prevents theft of hung objects. With a T-Hang in the wall, it will usually not be necessary to make any physical intervention into artworks loaned for an exhibition. The vertical screwthread conforms to the SI System. The lower nut „Ozzy“ enables the step-free adjustment in height without special tools. The upper cupola nut has an anti-theft function. The cupola nut can be mounted and removed with a special tool. The powerful horizontal screwthread has an angle of ascent which enables quick and secure mounting into wood or plaster, as well as into wall plugs for plaster, concrete and brick. The wood screw ends with a plate with a 2 mm hole in one corner. The plate increases the load tolerance and spreads the pressure over a larger area. The plate also covers the screw hole, the 2 mm hole being used to fix the screw in a vertical position in porous wall materials.

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